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The Project

IN-PACT project is a Leonardo Da Vinci Transfer Of Innovation Project that intends to offer international courses upon agreicultural topics to european students. The project started in October 2008 and will finish in September 2010. The project involves 7 partners from 7 European countries which actually are educational organizations that offer Vocational Training upon Agricultural Sector.

The project is based on PBL (Problem Based Learning) and is the next step of a Leonardo Da Vinvi Pilot Project titled NASEK that took place from 2004  until 2006 and three of the current partners were also active members.

The idea of this project is to ceate multinational groups of students from the involved institutions who will attend courses and will work together in multinational subgroups that will process subtopics of the main topic of each course.

Every institution which undertakes the duty to organise a course, has to do it combining the contribution of academic, industrial and commercial institutions, creating a local Community of Practice (CoP). The partners have to check out the ability of each member of the CoP to offer specific knowledge and experience to students who attend each course. For further info about CoPs click here.

The first round of international courses will take place in March 2010 (07-27/03/2010). Every partner will organise one international course.