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Final Conference

The Final Conference of INPACT project  took place in Norway at Valle Videregående Skole, Lena on Friday 24th  September 2010.

The conference intented to present the concept and the outcomes of the project during the last two years. About 100 people from 14 european countries attended the conference. The attenders were teachers from partnership schools and from schools which intend to join the network either providing courses or sending students to attend other courses abroad.

The conference opened with the speech of the Mayor of Oppland County Mr Audun Tron.

The project leader Mr Harm Holleman (NL) presente the concept and the implementation of Inpact project. He focus on the Problem Based Learning (PBL) educational method which consists the educational base of the project.






Mr Peder Damgaard (DK), principal of the partnership school Grasten Landbrugsskole, presented the the benefit for the school and the students who took part in the project.

Three students were interviewd by Mr Morten Kleven, Principal of the Valle Videregaende Skole. The three students were:

  • Anne Stine Myrvold from Valdres, she was in Austria
  • Ann -Iren Berglund from Seals that were in Latvia and
  • Emmanouil " Linos " Kymionis - Mouzakis from Greece who was in Denmark

The three of them talked about their experiences from their participation into the project in March 2010 and the effect on their professional and personal development.




Members of companies such as Mr Aalt van Kempen (NL) who had an active role during the project gave their point of view about the project.

The schedule included two rounds of workshops for the attendants guided by teachers of partnership schools.

There was a meeting with new schools that want to take part in the project either providing courses or sending their students to attend the courses. New courses will take place the spring of 2011 from March 27th until April 16th. People from England, Estonia, Luxemburg, France, Italy and Denmark were informe about how they can make the first step to join the network.

The conference finished with an excellent dinner at ballroom of Valle Videregaende Skole with cultural events by Øystein Rudi from Hundorp in Gudbrandsdalen.

On Saturday two very nice excursions had been organised. One of them in Toten and Hadeland where people visited farms which are run by Johan Arild Hveem, John somber and Mari Sangnæs . The second trip was to Valdres, Gjendesheim, Heidalen and Gudbrandsdalen. On that trip, participants visited NORAK farm Bioforsk Løken, Gjendesheim and Ringebu church.